Erik Santos and Giselle Sanchez hold successful show in Athens, Greece

Erik Santos and Giselle Sanchez hold successful show in Athens, Greece
Trisha Alvarez – April 7, 2010

Says Giselle Sanchez about Erik Santos: “Siya yung
tipong puwede mo makasama sa loob ng kuwarto at
hindi siya magte-take advantage sa friendship ninyo.
Pero mura lang naman yung kuwarto, 15 Euro, so we
could afford to have a solo room for ourselves….”

courtesy of GSpot

Stars usually take a long break during Holy Week, but not Giselle Sanchez, who had a show with Erik Santos in Athens, Greece.

But the highlight of the PEP (Philippine Enetertainment Portal) blogger’s Greece experience was her trip to the beautiful island of Santorini. As she recounts in her latest blog entry:

“After our successful show for Globe Telecom in Athens, Erik Santos and our friends convinced me to join them in Santorini. I was hesitant at first because I was feeling guilty. My husband and my children were not with me.

“If Emil had not suggested that I should go and enjoy Santorini with my friends because I might not get that chance anymore in my lifetime, I would not have joined.

“I so thank my husband for convincing me. I only stayed for two days and went home to join my family in Dio Island in Tacloban on Maundy Thursday with our family friends, Mayor Alfred and Cristina (Gonzales) Romualdez.”

Giselle fell in love with the white-and-blue architecture of the island she first spotted while watching For The First Time, which starred KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez.

She related, “Sobra ako na-in-love sa cinematography ng pelikula that was shot by my best friend Shayne Sarte. Sinabi ko sa sarili ko, pupunta ako diyan. And the power of the spoken word has revealed itself again.”

And what can she say about her travel buddy?

GSpot’s reply: “Sobrang bait si Eric Santos. The trip is his graduation gift to himself as he finished college in spite of a hectic schedule and a fantabulous career…”


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