‘Star-in-a-Million’ Graduates

‘Star-in-a-Million’ Graduates

“..this is the moment when all I’ve done
when all the dreaming, scheming and screaming become one.
This is the day see it sparkle and shine when all I live for becomes one…”

Erik Santos, “Star-in-a-Million” grand prize winner, is one of the Escolarians to graduate this year, earning the degree of BS Psychology.

He started in CEU as a Dentistry student then shifted to nursing. Two and a half years ago, already the star that he is now, he returned to the University to continue his studies, that time taking up Psychology. When asked why, he said that he has always wanted to take a medical course for that is his dream.

Balancing his studies and work wasn’t easy. Many have attempted but were forced to quit along the way. But Erik knew the importance of education, even if he had to work harder, study longer, sleep shorter and let go of some tempting showbiz offers here and abroad.

Erik has become a familiar sight on campus. Just like any other regular student, he wore the school uniform, ate in the canteen, acknowledged with a nod or a smile the familiar faces he met along the way and participated in co-curricular activities of his School and the University.

Consistently humble, Erik shared a secret when asked how he felt about his coming graduation. He revealed that on his graduation day, he would have just arrived from a European tour. But he feels more excited about marching with his parents during the commencement exercises because he was the one who personally chose their attires.

In parting, Erik said, “CEU has been my second home,” as he pays tribute to all his classmates, friends and professors for their unwavering support that made his dream a reality.

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