Erik Santos: No award can top my college diploma

Erik Santos: No award can top my college diploma

By Marinel Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:36:00 04/28/2010


A FUNNY THING HAPPENED while Erik Santos was receiving his diploma as a Psychology graduate at the Centro Escolar University recently.

“Before the ceremony, we were instructed not to clap,” the singer recalled. “Pero ’di nakapagpigil ang lahat, they clapped hard for me. I guess my schoolmates saw that in spite of my busy schedule, I still managed to graduate. I think, in a way, I inspired them with my story,” he said.

Dentistry, nursing

Santos first took up Dentistry at CEU, but later decided to study Nursing at the Emilio Aguinaldo College. Then he joined the talent search “Star in a Million” in 2003 and had to stop schooling.

“I got a lot of credited subjects from my Dentistry course. This was why it only took me two years to finish Psychology,” he explained.


Psychology is a very interesting course for him because he believes he could use it in his show biz career, where he deals with a lot of people. Case in point: His thesis was about the effect of fame on the behavior of artists.

“Before I enrolled, I discussed my plan to finish school with my manager (Boy Abunda’s Backroom Inc.),” said Santos. “I had to sacrifice a lot for it. I turned down offers when they fell on the same date of my final exams or my thesis defense. Luckily, Star Records didn’t let me down. People still hear me sing theme songs for movies and teleseryes. My album (‘The Jim Brickman Songbook’) is still doing well in record bars.”

E-mailed assignments

He added that he is grateful to his professors, who willingly adjusted their schedules to fit into his. “They were very considerate. Whenever I had to go abroad for shows, they sent my assignments through e-mail,” the singer said at the launch of Star Records’ latest inspirational CD titled “Sa ’Yo Lamang,” where Erik contributed one song.

How did his grades fare?

“I’m proud of my grades. You see, I really enjoy studying. Even before I entered show biz, I was already doing well in school,” he said.
For him, being on stage — not as a performer but as a graduate — was overwhelming.

“My diploma topped all the recognition and awards I’ve received in the seven years that I’ve been in show biz,” he declared.

He added: “It’s something nobody can take away from me. I worked hard for it. People think that in show biz, you survive just by looking good or singing well. They’re mistaken. Most artists have college degrees. I can proudly say that I’m now one of them.”


3 thoughts on “Erik Santos: No award can top my college diploma

  1. cngrats sana magpa2loy pa ang pag sikat u more album kc dbst k tlag and makapasa ka sa brd exam gdluck po

  2. i confessed that i am a true avid fan of you.. i am also a graduate of ceu. nursing batch 06.. im proud that you have received your diploma. It is something that no one can get it away from you.. congrats and good luck..

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