KC gifts Erik Santos with posh hotel accommodation in Paris

KC gifts Erik Santos with posh hotel accommodation in Paris
Gossip Girl
mb.com.ph – May 3, 2010, 4:24pm

Erik Santos with Leo Puri, Backroom handler (left) and
the author. (Photo by RIGI BUMAGAT)

The friendship between KC Concepcion and Erik Santos

Erik Santos just arrived from a backpacking trip to Europe. He started in Athens where Gossip Girl and Erik had a show for the Filipino community sponsored by Globe Telecom.

Then Erik convinced Gossip Girl to spend a few days in Santorini because in the words of Erik, “KC filmed her movie there.” In Santorini, we retraced all the shooting locations of KC. Erik could not stop talking about her. Gossip Girl was beginning to feel that the singer had a high school crush on KC and was having illusions of a special friendship he boasts of having with the daughter of the Megastar. From the news, I gathered it was KC and Papa Piolo who had a special friendship, no Erik in the loop.

Gossip Girl only confirmed that this special bond was indeed true when Erik returned and told Gossip Girl that among all the countries in Europe, he had the grandest time in Paris because KC gifted him with a free stay for a couple of days at the posh Le Walt Hotel located at the Avenue La Motte Picquet. It was KC’s gift for Erik who just graduated with a psychology degree at Centro Escolar University. KC is really known for her generosity not only to her friends but to the whole world. Last week, she launched her online auction site – http://www.stores.ebay.ph/KCsClosetFightsChildHunger – where designer bags, clothes, shoes and jewelry from KC and her showbiz friends are being auctioned. Proceeds will go to WFP’s Emergency Food for Education program where kids from Mindanao will be given nutritious meals in schools.

Finally, third reason and main reason why Gossip Girl loves Labor Day weekend is that she gets to share with her readers rags to riches stories achieved through the merits of true labor, the true essence of labor day!


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