An Erik Santos Experience In Vancouver

An Erik Santos Experience In Vancouver
by: Ms Yvette

If there is one word to sum up my Erik Santos experience at Sarah Geronimo Record Breaker in Vancouver, it would be “Excellente.” His taking the stage after Jimmy Marquez’ act was not obvious, but it was the crowd’s cheering and heckling that gave his entrance away. The theatre became more alive!!! Erik was searching the theatre, I guess not to see how many people were there, but to check out his ESFO banner – YEAH! He acknowledged with a smile (side comment: his reaction was just so cute – a smile on his cute face with twinkling eyes).

His rendition of Jim Brickman’s “My Love is Here” calmed the audience – maybe because they wanted to relax and enjoy his soothing voice. And then… all of a sudden…. the Rey Valera Medley. If any of you were taking videos — try viewing them and try counting how many times people screamed “I love you Erik” — I was losing count as it was one after another. I don’t know if Erik noticed, but early on the first cut of that medley – Sinasamba Kita — people were already singing with him. Talk about audience participation!!! Then the next cuts were from the telenovela – Tayong Dalawa, Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo, etc… to name a few which even got people more involved. They could really relate to these hit songs. With Erik, everytime he sings, you would feel his deep connection with each and every song — its so heartfelt! “Malayo pa ang Umaga” – another cut from the medley was one my favorites. It was truly a good arrangement on that sequence.

Spiels with Sarah came after and then the OPM Timeless Classics duet with SG. If these two were to come up with a duets album – it would truly be a platinum hit! The selection was awesome, the arrangement was superb, the blending of two great signing voices was absolutely exceptional. I can still distinctly recall “Pangako sa ‘Yo”. This number was simply TOPS. I just wished there was more of his segment. Too short – in other words BITIN.

There were still many great moments in SG RB in Vancouver. I could go on writing about my experience, but I better make a short conclusion right now and leave some space for the blog of others (right webmaster?). After living in Vancouver for four years now, it was so heart-warming to hear a lot of the OPM classic sung once again by great artists like Erik Santos. Artists like him are of an international calibre. It’s not all about being technically proficient in singing a song, but for me it’s the overall delivery – the connection, rapport and most of all what the audience will remember about the performance. You truly have left a mark for all Vancouverites with that Rey Valera Medley. Erik, thank you for sharing with us your talent. There is really only one Prince of Pop and that is you Erik Santos !!!
more photos at ESO Gallery


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