Everyone I know in my Erik Santos circle of friends (aka ESFO for Erik Santos Friends Online) was eagerly looking forward to our musical icon’s BIG birthday concert, the one where it felt like the stars aligned coz how often do you get to have a concert on your birthday that falls on the tenth day of the tenth month of 2010? So we were a little bit bummed upon hearing that the concert got bumped to an earlier date, and the title being “Voices, Erik Santos Live at the Meralco Theater.” Taking things in stride (since we will support Erik Santos no matter how generic the title of his concert is), things turned to look upward when the show was retitled “POWER OF ONE” which obviously suits the very classy venue, and even more so when we got wind of the kind of songs he was going to sing. The roster of guests didn’t hurt either, with name-droppables Regine and Martin headlining the guestlist.

“This is going to be my best concert so far,” the Prince of Pop said, what with the very carefully chosen repertoire that was so vocally challenging, most of the songs felt like a finale in itself. It demanded so much from him as well as from the band (under Mr. Homer Flores) that Erik was naturally nervous of course. What if he won’t have the vocal power for the second night? What if the heavy songs would be too much for the audience? But as one of my cohorts in the ESFO circle retorted, audiences should expect nothing less with a title like that and a singer like Erik Santos.

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