Erik wants to go sexy

Erik wants to go sexy
Journal Online
by Remy Umerez
Sunday, 12 December 2010 18:56

WHAT could balladeer Erik Santos’ wish for Christmas?

“I want to conquer the Asian market. My Brickman album did not meet my expectations when it was released outside the Philippines. Okay naman ang mga selections dito. It could be that it wasn’t fully promoted since I had shows to attend to in the United States. Locally, the album became gold and is now nearing platinum,” the singer revealed.

Erik has yet to do duets with top-caliber artists like Charice Pempengco or Lea Salonga. We wouldn’t mind if he swaps tunes with Billy Crawford who gained recognition in Europe. “That sounds great. I am open to ideas like this. Dapat hindi ako maging kampante sa kinalalagyan ko ngayon. I believe in re-inventing yourself. Haven’t you noticed how foreign artists both male and female inject the sex element in their performances especially in the music videos? Kung makakatulong sa aking career, why not? Just wait at gugulatin ko na lamang kayong lahat,” he said.

Are we to see a semi-nude cover of Erik on his next album?

The partnership of Erik and SM Supermalls gave birth to SM holiday theme song “The Christmas ChriSMs Bop.” It has the perfect beat to accompany shoppers as they go through their Christmas lists. As a special treat, Erik also made his own version of the song which is included in his new album, “All I Want this Christmas.”
Over the years Erik has become an icon in Christmas traditions and in the past had a thanksgiving show entitled “Paskong Pasasalamat” ni Erik Santos. The Christmas Classic “Sana Ngayong Pasko” is dubbed as one of the most moving versions ever sung by a local artist.


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