The stars’ memorable moments in 2010

The Philippine Star
January 03, 2011

t’s January 2011 and we just ushered in a new month and a new year. It is a brand-new beginning for all of us. It will be another long and arduous journey. What lies ahead, we don’t really know. We can only pray and hope for the best.

The month of January was named after the Roman god Janus. In Roman mythology, he is “the god of good beginnings.” He is the doorkeeper of heaven and the god of beginnings and endings. His statue has two faces, one on each side. His figure represents time because his faces can see both the past and the future. Janus symbolizes what happened in the old year while looking forward to the new one.

Just like Janus, the world of showbiz also has two faces: The crying masked face and the laughing one. The masks mirror both the happiness and the melancholia that happen in showbiz and in the lives of its denizens.

I asked some stars about the most memorable things that happened to them in 2010 and what they look forward to in 2011. Read on:

Erik Santos — I have wonderful memories about my career last year. I had A.S.A.P. XV and Star Power where I get the chance to work with Megastar Sharon Cuneta, an acting stint in Maalaala Mo Kaya, and sold-out concerts last February and September which I produced. I am also happy because my family is healthy. I hope this year, I have more projects. I am looking forward to a stage musical that I’m set to do, my US and European tour scheduled on the first quarter of 2011, and the success of my new album.

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