A kid’s feast of musicals

A kid’s feast of musicals
(The Philippine Star) Updated May 25, 2011 12:00 AM

erik santosFor parents who want to wean their kids from video games and TV shows, this is the best time to introduce them to the joys of musical theater. The next few months will see the staging of three musicals based on well-loved children’s stories and any of the following productions will provide a good introduction. The kiddies may express reluctance at first but give them the right show and I am sure they, and the adults will enjoy the experience.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid starring Rachelle Ann Go as Ariel and Erik Santos as Prince Eric at the Meralco Theater from Nov. 18 to Dec. 11. This is based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale but with a happy ending. It tells of Ariel, the mermaid princess who dreams of living in the world above the sea and who falls in love with a human prince.

This will be staged by Atlantis Productions and directed by Bobby Garcia and Chari Arespacochaga. I know how these two work. When they say this is the Disney musical on Broadway, you can bet it will look and sound like a Disney musical on Broadway with all the sets and costumes and top-flight performances.

This is such a wonderful change of pace for Rachelle Ann and Erik and I commend these two singing champions for making the big plunge into musical theater. I am sure they will do very good jobs. Erik already looks and sings like a prince but I was really surprised by Rachelle Ann. We already know she sings like a princess but she also looks so much like the Ariel of the Disney musical. Kids will love watching their favorite characters from the animated film sing familiar tunes like Part Of Your World, Under The Sea, Kiss A Girl and others.


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