What showbiz has taught Erik

What showbiz has taught Erik
The Philippine Star – July 29, 2011

Eight years in the business has taught Erik Santos a lot about nurturing his craft which includes striking a balance between using intelligence and instinct when making career decisions.

Although criticized by some in the beginning for sounding like his musical influence Martin Nievera, Erik has moved on to establish a distinct identity in the music scene. This he did by coming up with original hits that showcased his own style, and by taking on projects that challenged him.

Meanwhile, whenever he’d do covers whether in shows or on record, he would insist on having the musical arrangement deconstructed then fashioned differently from the original so as to “own” them.

“But I’m not saying it’s wrong to emulate your idols in the beginning. It’s natural for any newbie to do that. What would count as a mistake is to stay there and refuse to grow as an artist,” he said.

Erik has his thoughts on how difficult it is for recording artists to sustain a career these days. He said that aside from the covers trend, promotional songs are not played on air as often as they used to be played in decades past.

“In the ‘80s, a single stays on air for as long as two years! No wonder that many singers then have become iconic. The singers and their songs have stayed in the mind of music lovers,” Erik noted.

The Prince of Pop added that though today’s undiscovered talents seem to have it easier because of the popularity of talent searches, many of its products end up enjoying just 15 minutes of fame. Erik believes this is so because some of them win for the wrong reasons; for their back stories or due to text votes.

“I wish there’d be more real singing contests,” said he. “Yung lulutang ka dahil talagang magaling ka at hindi sa kung anupaman na dahilan.”

Erik speaks from a place of authority. Not only did he, himself, come from a singing contest (search for the Star In a Million, 2003) but he has hosted a talent show recently (Star Power) along with Christian Bautista and Sharon Cuneta.

And, of course, Erik has propelled his career to heights many singers could only dream of so, really, this guy can talk.

On Aug. 13 & 18 (correction note: Aug. 12 & 13) at the Music Museum, Erik will hold his two-night concert titled PowER IKons. His first major solo concert this year, the singer pays tribute to icons here and abroad including Elvis Presley, Martin Nievera, Basil Valdez, Michael Jackson and Gary Valenciano. Erik’s special guests in the concert are Angeline Quinto (Star Power grand champ), Stephanie Reese (who played Kim in Miss Saigon-Germany) and Pops Fernandez.

PowER IKons is presented by Record Breaker Events, Core Events and La Carmela de Boracay. Directed by GB Sampedro, the concert is written by Senedy Que with Homer Flores as musical director.

Oh, and another mark of success: Erik shares his blessings. PowER IKons is for the benefit of Bosom Buddies Cancer Foundation. More power, Erik!


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