“The Little Mermaid’ has got the sparks for Erik, Rachelle Ann

“The Little Mermaid’ has got the sparks for Erik, Rachelle Ann
Gossip Girl
mb.com – November 30, 2011

erik santosMANILA, Philippines — Gossip Girl just heard from a fish in the sea that lead star of Little Mermaid Rachelle Ann Go is healing a broken heart. According to my sea urchin (did I say fish a while ago?), Rachelle Anne who happens to be a kapuso star was dating a kapamilya TV host just about the same size and age as she. But her broken heart did not at all affect her acting and musical performance as Ariel in Atlantis Productions of “The Little Mermaid.”

As I quote Ursula, her “vibrato, her legato, and even her belt” was impeccable! Even her eyes, which supposedly mirrors what a person really feels, were bright and gleaming with happiness and bubbliness just like Ariel in the Disney movie. I can say that she can be the next Lea Salonga. Even Lea Salonga herself said, “I don’t know that the superlatives in my vocabulary could cover just how wonderful I thought she was (Rachelle Ann Go).”

Erik Santos was grand and regal, very princely indeed. From our trip two years ago in Santorini, his diction in English has vastly improved and I was impressed.

Of course his voice is forever enchanting and powerful which is the reason why he was the grand champion of the very first “Star in A Million” in ABS-CBN. He is also very handsome so I am just counting the days when Rachelle Ann gets smitten by his gentleness and charming looks.

My daughter and I who both watched their performance actually got “kilig” on their kissing scenes when both their lips pressed. Erik and Rachelle Ann have a loving chemistry onstage that I am hoping can develop offstage.
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