Erik Santos on MMK’s first episode for 2013

Erik Santos, the Prince of Pop, is popularly known & recognized for his singing talent. His music is often used on teleseryes & movies but rarely do we see him act.

His first tv acting role happened on “Maalaala Mo Kaya” year 2010, where he top-billed along w/ Kristel Moreno. It rated well & received quite positive feedbacks!

Today, on the 2013 opening salvo of MMK, the man behind the theme songs steps forward & gives acting spotlight another try. A story about family, love & sacrifice characterized the roles of Arron Villaflor, Charee Pineda & Erik Santos. Erik as “Roque” & Arron as “Raul” are brothers who fell in love with one girl Merlinda, played by Charee.

These two ventures of Erik on acting were directed by the top-grossing director Mae Cruz, who has all praises on Erik’s attitude & talent! She said that Erik has a great potential on acting and he’s not only a good singer but a good actor as well.

Are we excited to see Erik Santos as an actor? Be MMK’s guest tonight! Ready the couch, popcorn, & tissue on the side! Happy watching!

Erik’s invitation to watch his MMK:

MMK’s Teaser for Jan 5, 2013 episode:


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