inTENse Week 7 Roundup: Inside Showbiz Mag, NDAA, MBAP Mallshow


This week’s @ErikSantos_inTENse Throwback Thursday #sexy @eriksantos instagram feed

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Powerful ballads, remarkable originals, strong vocals, heartfelt renditions and a true Pop icon, Erik Santos has smoothly taken us on a journey through a decade of good music and by remaining as one of the industry’s most conspicuous artists and celebrated OPM phenomenon.



Erik  sings “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” on the fourth part of our Erik Santos in Concert series, a lookback at a decade of concerts by the Prince of Pop. He sang this England Dan & John Ford Coley hit during the ESFO-produced Birthday concert “Still” in 2006. Enjoy and don’t forget to get your tickets for one inTENse night at the PICC on November 9!



 It is almost unbelievable that a whole decade has passed from when Sarah Geronimo was just a timid contestant in Star for a Night and Erik Santos was fighting as a wildcard entry in Star in a Million. Ten years forward and now they are headlining their own 10th Anniversary concerts.

  • Erik releases new promo images for inTENse via @eriksantos Instagram:



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