inTENse Week 4 Roundup: Erik Instagrams Basha, “Read Between the Lines,” Thunderbird Casino, Triumph Over Insecurities


Thank you for joining this week’s @ErikSantos_inTENse Throwback Thursday pics with @eriksantos instagram feed for the theme #eriksantoscollections showing all you have collected about the Prince of Pop!

(Join us every Thursday and don’t forget to hashtag #eriksantosinTENse.)

  • Erik posts inTENse sneak peek on Instagram, with Bea Alonzo as Basha  (via @eriksantos)



Erik Santos in Concert Part 7: HEARTSONGS (2009) A decade has passed since a star emerged. Our admiration, love and respect for Erik Santos has simply inTENsified over the years. “Heartsongs”, an intimate 2-night Valentine concert in 2009, is truly one that remains close to our hearts ’til this day. Here is a glimpse of his remarkable rendition of “Sometime, Somewhere”! Join us in another unforgettable night and watch his anniversary concert, “inTENse” on November 9 at the PICC.






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