Erik Santos and Angeline Quinto say ‘I love you’ to each other

Erik Santos and Angeline Quinto say ‘I love you’ to each other
Philippine Canadian Inquirer
2013-12-03 10:30| Publisher: KatherineM

Photo from Erik Santos’ Instagram account

Playing good music together. This could now be the relationship status of singers Erik Santos and Angeline Quinto.

And spectators based it from their terms of endearment for one another.

Just recently, reports said that Angeline received an expensive watch from Erik, which was immediately confirmed by the former via her Instagram account.

She posted along with the expensive watch, “Thank you pogs. Iloveyou always @eriksantos.” “Pogs” (short for Pogi).

Erik, in turn calls Angeline “Sexy.”

The “Star Power” champ explained why she received such an expensive gift from the “Star in a Million” grand winner: “Gift niya sa akin after ko mag-guest sa concert niya. Kasi madalas kami magbibiruan niyan, eh, na, ‘So sa lagay ba ganun na lang, thank you na lang?’ Ganun talaga kami ni Erik, so nagregalo siya sa akin ng relo.”

( It’s his gift after I guested in his concert. Because we are often joking around, saying, so is that really it, thank you only? Erik and I are really like that, so he gave me a watch.)

Just recently, Erik staged his 10th year anniversary concert and Angeline was one of his special guests.

It will be recalled that a few months ago, Erik labeled his relationship status with Angeline as “special” and “beyond the getting to know each other stage.”

Though still not sure if her fellow singer is really courting her, she admitted that Erik is very sweet to her and that they’ve became even closer after working together here and abroad.

She added, “Alam naman ni Erik na mahal ko siya. Alam niya ’yun.” ( Erik knows that I love him. He knows that.)

The last exchanges of Instagram posts between the two somewhat explained where they are now in each other’s lives.

Before Angeline leave Manila for an engagement, Erik posted a photo of himself with the female singer, “Huling hirit before umalis! Ma-mimiss kita! ( Last one before you leave! I will miss you!) See you when you get back. Safe flight Sexy! @angelineq1.”

Angeline, in response posted a photo of herself and Erik on Instagram. “Mamimiss kita pogs. ( I will miss you pogs.) Thank you sa pag iintindi lagi.( Thank you for always understanding)  I loveyou always. See you December.”

When Angeline celebrated her 24th birthday last Nov. 26, Erik posted: “Happiest birthday to you SEXY @angelineq1! I love you!”


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