Erik Santos is a “Champion Reborn” in latest single “Sino Ba Ako Sa’yo”

Erik Santos is a “Champion Reborn” in latest single “Sino Ba Ako Sa’yo”
Wish 107.5 | July 4th, 2016

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Prince of Pop Erik Santos temporarily veered away from pop ballad in his recent Roadshow guesting as he promoted the latest single of his album, “Champion Reborn.”

“Sino Ba Ako Sa’yo” is a catchy rock­-and-­ballad song composed by Yeng Constantino for Erik’s newest project under Star Music, his record label for the past 13 years.

According to Erik, he is proud about his latest musical offering because it is his first official venture into other genre like RnB and electronic dance music.

In his previous visit to the Wish 107.5 Bus, he shared that it is “high time for [his] fans to listen to his new music.”

The album, which he co­-produced, also features collaboration from other artists including Gloc-­9, Kyla and Angeline Quinto.

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Erik was first introduced in the music industry when he joined the singing competition, Star in a Million, in 2003 and won first place.

During his return to the station, he shared more interesting things about him through an interview with Wish Jock Jelly Kiss:

What is the first song you have learned?

Pangarap na Bituin. It was the first song I learned to perform from start to finish.

What is your greatest performance so far?

In every performance that I do, I see to it that I always give my best. You have to seize the moment because tomorrow is never promised. Even during rehearsals, I already sing as if there is no tomorrow.

Who is your musical influence?

Martin Nievera. I basically grew up singing his songs. I have most of his albums.

What is your grandest wish?

I may sound political, but I really wish that there will be no more corruption. I love our country and I want to see it prosper. It’s my wish for everyone.

For myself, my wish is to go international. I want to release songs that will be appreciated by music lovers even in other countries. This wish is something that I want to be my legacy in the music industry.


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