Pagcor Experience with Erik Santos

submitted by ALYNE

I had so much fun! I watched Erik Santos Live at the Pagcor Pavilion! I am happy because I am with ESFO Doc Philip and Marvey. Super sulit sa dami ng songs na kinanta ni Pop, it was indeed a concert. Entrance si Pop mula sa likod, I mean, sa audience area sya galing papunta sa stage. O diba, pa-effect ng ganun, so nung nasa stage na sya napatili na ko (pati yung ibang audience syempre). May super gwapo ba naman ang nasa stage eh. At ayan na konting introduction speech nya and umariba na ng kanta si Erik…
Here are the lists of his songs :
Next in line
Just the way you are
Valentine – para daw sa mga inlove (sabi ni erik)
Somewhere down the road – para daw sa mga naudlot na pag-ibig (sabi ulit ni erik)
I’ll never go – one of his fave songs used as theme song para sa movie One more Chance – with lapit sa audience nung chorus na yata at pinakanta si Marvey hehehe! At nakakanta naman si Marvey (clap,clap,clap!) and yung ibang audience nagkaron din ng konting exposure sa spotlight! Hehehe!
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Erik Santos in Dallas, Texas

Erik Santos in Dallas, Texas
by: GEL

I arrived at DFW airport around 2pm. I was really exhausted since I haven’t gotten any sleep yet (mind you, I worked the night before so I must have been awake for about 18 hrs now!) I still had to run some errands, & finally, I arrived at Tabam’s house at around 7pm. The house was filled with Erik Santos’ decors, including a welcome banner right when you come in through the front door. There were so much food & so many relatives/ friends to welcome our Prince of POP. At about 10pm, the Prince had arrived! All of us had our cameras/ video cams ready so we can all capture “this moment,” when the Prince meets his mermaid– (Tabam) hehe. Excitement, happiness, love, and many other mixed emotions filled the air! The Prince ate, sang, shared stories & laughters next to all us. It was such a dream come true, especially for our very own Tabam. No words could express how magical that night was. It was simply amazing!

Second day started with the first meet & greet at Filipiniana Restaurant. I arrived an hour late, but it worked for my benefit– I didn’t have to pay! Apparently, people had to pay an extra $15 to get in. As I walked in through the doors, the first thing I noticed was that the place did not have any air conditioning! Everybody was sweating, and fanning themselves. But no one backed down! Actually, there were a good number of people lined up to get autographs & pictures. The production team was also selling cds. Anyway, the stars were still eating in their separate room. A few minutes later, everyone started screaming! Erik was the first one to come out. They had a table set for them, & I was on Erik’s side. He saw me and said hello. Unexpectedly, he stood up, pointed at my Erik t-shirt, & gave me a kiss on the cheek! =) I was so surprised, but ‘kilig’ at the same time! He then sat back down & the autograph signing started. I was sweating like crazy & so were the others– even the stars themselves! I was just lounging around, taking random pics of our Prince. When it was about to be done, I took this opportunity to get another shot with him. I also got a picture with John Prats & Sarah.

The stars left Filipiniana, and Erik said his goodbye’s. But, we still stayed by the place to see where we would be heading next. We found Cynthia & Daddy Dante outside with some of the producers. I was with Tabam’s family & my boyfriend, and we found out they were headed to Southlake, so we tagged along. We all in separate cars so we just followed each other. Erik got to the outlet mall first & he was with Cynthia & Ate Julie’s family. We found them coming out of an ice cream shop. Erik was holding this huge cone of ice cream & offered some with me. I asked what the flavor was (I had forgotten what it was), but it was really GOOD!

Thursday started off early. We arrived at the Pediatric Clinic about 12noon. The staff were so welcoming! There was a welcome banner, & they were all wearing the welcome shirts & prepared food for them. They invited us to eat with the production staff as well. Then, Then, I chatted with Roger (Charlie Green’s father) & Youngblood (the producer). They were really nice. The artists, on the other hand, were back at their table signing autographs & chatting with each other.
We then had about 3 hours to spare before the final meet & greet, which was only open to those who purchased the VIP tickets. This would be held at the Ballroom, Indigo Hotel (Erik’s hotel). So, Cynthia asked permission if they could go out for a bit. They said that it was okay, as long as we would be back at the hotel by at least 6pm. Erik was so jolly & excited–he couldn’t wait to go to the mall! When we got to the mall, he went inside American Eagle & shopped away! When we got out of the store, the food court was right around the corner, so we decided to eat again! While Erik was choosing which food station he wanted to eat from, John & I looked at the mall’s directory & we suggested this Japanese restaurant that was available in the mall. Everyone agreed to eat at Koni Grill. After dinner, we dropped Cynthia & Erik off & headed home! We all needed a healthy rest for the concert the next day!

Friday, June 18, 2010, was the day of the concert. It wasn’t much of a hassle since the concert was not until 730pm anyway. We really had nothing planned for the day, so we were able to get a good rest. Just had some few errands to do, but that was it. We left the house around 630pm (I’ve gone to numerous Erik’s concerts before & other Filipino shows. There were always one thing in common– lateness). We arrived at the venue at around 720pm since we did not hit any traffic. When we got inside, we saw Ate Julie & family, & Lola Mels & friends. I rocked my Erik shirt that had ESFO written on the back of it. Some people had recognized it & I read their lips from afar, saying “ESFO.” =) There was also an acknowledgement for Tabam & ESFO that was shown on the big screen. =)

The concert was an hour and a half late. They were having some technical difficulties. But, people had waited & were really patient.. thank goodness! Erik was the last guest to sing. I was getting impatient & had gone to the bathroom twice & it still was not the Prince. We were sitting on Row J, center section of the theater. John was upfront with his press pass & texted me to follow him. He was sitting next to Cynthia on the right side of the theater– 3rd aisle from the front. I grabbed the banner & ran over there! We were right by the entrance to the backstage, so everyone was there. Cynthia, the producers, Daddy Dante, Mommy Divine & others. Cynthia had told us that it was going to be Erik’s turn after Jimmy Marquez’s number. I grabbed the banner and kneeled on the floor- right by the stairs leading to the stage. Erik sang with Jimmy and Sarah before his solo part. Oh, how I’ve missed this! I screamed so loud when Erik got on stage! Apparently, the security was keeping an eye on me- they thought that I would go on stage & grab Erik! Hehe.

Erik came out & saw the banner right away. He acknowledged the presence of his Lola Mels & also dedicated a song for Tabam. =) After his solo songs, he said hello to me & ESFO over the mic. I started screaming & was jumping like crazy! (my “Sisa” moment) I missed my fellow SISAs. Erik delivered his best as always. Everyone had a good rapport toward Erik. He was conversing with the audience, and was very playful. Everyone was hugging, kissing, pulling, & taking pictures with him when he came down from the stage. Overall, it was a wonderful show.

After the concert, they still had autograph signing for the VIP ticket holders. It took about an hour or so, so we decided to just stay behind & wait for Erik. I have been to so many Erik concerts before, so I know how it goes. We saw Cynthia outside of the double doors where the stars were signing autographs. Finally, the security started to kick us out of the venue. Good thing, Erik and the others came out of this one door that was right in front of me. So, other fans were there & they started to take pictures with him. Erik glanced at me and started to walk towards me. He asked me to walk with him to the hotel. (the hotel was just right across from the venue itself).. Another Erik moment! =) so we walked to the hotel & he invited me to follow him & Cynthia. I told him that I would just meet him there since I was trying to find Ate Julie, my boyfriend, & others.

Erik suggested that we eat at Denny’s, since that was the only thing open 24 hrs. I told John to check if there was one nearby the hotel. (Erik requested one that was near us, since their flight to go to LA was going to be at 9am. It was already about 1am). We found one about 2 miles from the hotel so I said let’s GO! There were about 14 of us, including Ate Julie & her family, Myla & friend, & us. We got to Denny’s & we were the only customers. The staff asked us if we came from a concert (One of Ate Julie’s son was wearing one of those producers’ pass). They noticed my shirt & said that the guy in the picture was cute. I told them that it was Erik, and he just passed them by. =) We all ate a lot, and we all had a great time. Erik was goofin around with the waiters.. it was just really funny! Afterwards, we brought them back to the hotel & we said our goodbyes to Cynthia and the Prince of POP! It was such a fun week.. Thanks for everything. We love you!

An Erik Santos Experience In Vancouver

An Erik Santos Experience In Vancouver
by: Ms Yvette

If there is one word to sum up my Erik Santos experience at Sarah Geronimo Record Breaker in Vancouver, it would be “Excellente.” His taking the stage after Jimmy Marquez’ act was not obvious, but it was the crowd’s cheering and heckling that gave his entrance away. The theatre became more alive!!! Erik was searching the theatre, I guess not to see how many people were there, but to check out his ESFO banner – YEAH! He acknowledged with a smile (side comment: his reaction was just so cute – a smile on his cute face with twinkling eyes).

His rendition of Jim Brickman’s “My Love is Here” calmed the audience – maybe because they wanted to relax and enjoy his soothing voice. And then… all of a sudden…. the Rey Valera Medley. If any of you were taking videos — try viewing them and try counting how many times people screamed “I love you Erik” — I was losing count as it was one after another. I don’t know if Erik noticed, but early on the first cut of that medley – Sinasamba Kita — people were already singing with him. Talk about audience participation!!! Then the next cuts were from the telenovela – Tayong Dalawa, Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo, etc… to name a few which even got people more involved. They could really relate to these hit songs. With Erik, everytime he sings, you would feel his deep connection with each and every song — its so heartfelt! “Malayo pa ang Umaga” – another cut from the medley was one my favorites. It was truly a good arrangement on that sequence.

Spiels with Sarah came after and then the OPM Timeless Classics duet with SG. If these two were to come up with a duets album – it would truly be a platinum hit! The selection was awesome, the arrangement was superb, the blending of two great signing voices was absolutely exceptional. I can still distinctly recall “Pangako sa ‘Yo”. This number was simply TOPS. I just wished there was more of his segment. Too short – in other words BITIN.

There were still many great moments in SG RB in Vancouver. I could go on writing about my experience, but I better make a short conclusion right now and leave some space for the blog of others (right webmaster?). After living in Vancouver for four years now, it was so heart-warming to hear a lot of the OPM classic sung once again by great artists like Erik Santos. Artists like him are of an international calibre. It’s not all about being technically proficient in singing a song, but for me it’s the overall delivery – the connection, rapport and most of all what the audience will remember about the performance. You truly have left a mark for all Vancouverites with that Rey Valera Medley. Erik, thank you for sharing with us your talent. There is really only one Prince of Pop and that is you Erik Santos !!!
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